Fire Prevention

The Prevention Division is under the direction of Division Chief Tom Maloney. This division is made up of two work sections; Code Enforcement & Fire Investigation, Public Information & Public Education.

The Code Enforcement & Fire Investigation is staffed by Assistant Fire Marshal David VanBeek and Fire Inspector Don McGhee.  They work to ensure that buildings within the city of Marysville comply with all fire codes by conducting "new construction" plan reviews and building inspections. This office also issues different types of fire code-related permits. In addition, this work section is responsible for the investigation of fires.

The Public Information & Education work section is currently coordinated by the Fire Marshal, filling the role of the Districts' Public Information Officer (PIO).  The PIO has a number of media-related responsibilities, including writing all department news releases, media advisories, and public service announcements, responding to major incidents and acting as a contact and resource for the media. The PIO also serves as one of the department's spokespersons before neighborhood, civic, and other groups.
This section is also responsible for educating the community concerning fire safety by utilizing various fire prevention programs and Sparky the Fire Dog.