Operations Division

"In the Red!"

Operational Services


This division is made up of three work sections; Suppression, EMS, and Special Operations. Each section is overseen by the Assistant Chief.


The Suppression section works under the direction of the on duty battalion chief and is responsible for emergency responses and calls for assistance. These include structure fires, brush fires, automobile fires, traffic accidents, hazardous materials emergencies, rescue, and medical emergencies.

The EMS section works under the direction of Medical Services Battalion Chief, Terry Matsumura, is responsible for overseeing the Emergency Medical System of the Marysville Fire District.

Emergency medical responses make up approximately 75 percent of all Fire District emergency calls. The Marysville Fire District provides both Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support administered by Paramedics. Paramedics can deliver intravenous fluids, allowing patients to receive life-saving medication in the field. Paramedics can also intubate patients who are unconscious or do not have an adequate airway.

The Special Operations section is made up of two specialized units: the Rescue Team & the Hazardous Materials Response Team. These units provide expertise to critical incidents and receive additional training in their respective areas.