Station 65 - Lake Goodwin

17500 E. Lake Goodwin Road

Stanwood, WA 98292

Fire Station 65 - Lake Goodwin Fire Station 65 - Lake Goodwin

Fire Station 65 is located in the vicinity of Lakewood Road and East Lake Goodwin Road, otherwise known as SR 531.


Blood Pressure checks can be performed when crews are available, and usually during business hours.

This facility has seen two additions, and was the old Headquarters station for Fire District 20 (merged with FD12 in 2002). It houses many various apparatus for specialized requirements. The Tender carries 3500 gallons of water for fire suppression needs in non-hydranted areas, the Brush Engine is an off road firefighting vehicle, and the Boat and Squad are dispatched to still-water rescue incidents. 


Station 65 is the oldest fire station in the Marysville Fire District. It was originally built with volunteer labor in 1963, on a portion of what was then Schuhs Resort, and is one of only two fire stations in the Marysville Fire District to have a 'hose tower'.