Preschool Program


 Each year, numerous children are killed and many more are injured in fire-related incidents according to the NFPA.  On a daily basis, children under age five are being injured or killed simply because they do not know the dangers of fire or how to be safe around fire.  To address these issues, Marysville Fire District offers a comprehensive Preschool Fire Safety Program for preschools and childcare centers.  This program targets impressionable children between the ages of three to five years. 


 Our Preschool Fire Safety Program incorporates the Play Safe!  Be Safe! Kit and can be supplemented with a firefighter visit following the completion of the fire safety unit in your class.


 Play Safe! Be Safe! Kit

 Marysville Fire District offers the Play Safe! Be Safe! Kit free to borrow for preschools and childcare centers within our fire district.  This fun, interactive and age-appropriate fire safety kit helps to teach young children essential fire safety behaviors.


 Each Play Safe! Be Safe! Kit contains:

  • A 20 minute video featuring  “Firefighter Dan” (English & Spanish)
  • Color Story/Flash Cards
  • Dress the Firefighter activity board
  • Safe for play!  Keep away! Activity board
  • Keep away! Card game
  • Comprehensive teacher’s manual/resource book


The Play Safe! Be Safe! Kit teaches four important objectives in fire safety:

  • My Friend the Firefighter
  • Stop! Drop! And Roll!
  • Crawl low under smoke!
  • Safe for play!  Keep away!


To participate in the Preschool Fire Safety Program, groups are required to complete the Play Safe! Be Safe! education kit prior to a visit with firefighters.  Children must be ages 3-5 years to participate.

 Marysville Fire District has a limited amount of Play Safe! Be Safe! kits available.  You can also purchase your own kit through the Fire Proof children website:


For inter-active Play Safe! Be Safe activities online, visit the Play Safe! Be Safe! website:


Firefighter Visits


If you would like to request a tour, please contact our Public Education Division at 360-363-8507 or email us.  Marysville Fire District needs at least four weeks notice in order to schedule a classroom visit.


*Preschool visits are always subject to cancellation by the Fire District due to emergency responses.  If your tour is cancelled by an emergency response, we will gladly re-schedule your visit.