Inspection and Permit Program for

Businesses and High Hazard Occupancies


The Marysville Fire District utilizes both an annual inspection and annual permit system, for providing a higher degree of confidence in Fire Prevention and Life Safety systems and processes that are required and installed within the business community of the City of Marysville.

Inspections and Permits are assigned, coordinated, and recorded by the Fire Prevention Division.


Annual Business Inspection Program

Business Permit Program

Lock Boxes

Workplace Safety Checklist

Outdoor Burning Permits


Questions about outdoor burning are fielded by your local fire department on a regular and daily basis. A few of the more common inquiries are; “Is burning allowed in the Marysville Fire District; can I burn?”, and “My neighbor is burning something; didn’t the State make that illegal?” The answer to both of these questions is “yes”. Sound confusing? It really isn’t; it just depends on; where the burning is taking place, what is being burned, why it’s being burned, and how it’s being burned.


Burning within the Tulalip Reservation 

Burning within an Urban Growth Area (UGA) 

No Burn Zone Map

Burning outside the Urban Growth Area (UGA) 




Fire Prevention and Inspection FAQ


Click here for the Fire Prevention and Inspection FAQ



Residential Address Informatoin
A version of our Door Hanger pamphlet for single family residences describing 'best practices' for home addressing signage.
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Marysville Fire Apparatus Access Roads 2[...]
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