How Home Fire Sprinklers Work

• The sprinkler is just a plug that holds back water in a pipe similar to your other plumbing pipes.


• Heat (not smoke) from a fire will break a glass tube or melt a solder plug which releases the water.


• The water comes out as a spray that covers the area immediately around the sprinkler, putting out the fire.


• Only the one sprinkler closest to the fire opens. All the other sprinklers remain sealed so the water is confined to just the area of the fire. 90% of fires are stopped with just one sprinkler.



Fire sprinklers use far less water than fire hoses. Fire hoses use about 250 gallons of water per minute, on average, to put out a typical house fire. On average, a fire sprinkler will use only 25 gallons of water per minute to put out a fire.



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