Fire and Life Safety Inspections

To obtain and maintain a business license in the city of Marysville, a Life Safety Fire Inspection must be conducted prior to opening, and then periodicly thereafter. Normally performed by the Marysville Fire District, we generally attempt to schedule inspections with consideration given to the type of business being inspected. Please advise our inspectors if there is a more convenient time for your inspection.

There are many life safety concerns that we look for during an inspection. Some of the more common concerns that can be dealt with prior to inspection are as follows:


• Every business is required to provide at least one 5 lb. ABC (2A 10BC rated) fire extinguisher.


• Extinguishers shall be mounted, preferably near an exit door, such that the top of the extinguisher is no more than 60" from the floor. A fire extinguisher company shall service fire extinguishers every year, and a tag shall be affixed to the extinguisher showing the date it was last serviced.


• Address numbers shall be posted on the building such that they are clearly visible from the street we would use during an emergency response to your location (see Marysville Municipal Code ).


• Extension cords and multi-plug adapters are not permitted, except for temporary use. Provide an outlet for each device that needs to be plugged in or provide an approved "power strip" (a multi-plug device with a built-in circuit breaker).


• Dead bolts are not allowed on required exit doors. This subject can be confusing: not all doors are required exits. If the door is not a required exit, deadbolt restrictions may not apply. In general, a required exit door must be operable with one single motion; turning a doorknob, pushing down on a lever actuator, or pushing on panic bar hardware. We will be glad to discuss this with you or you may contact the city's building department at (360) 651-5100.


• All outlets and switches all have approved covers.  Electrical panel boxes shall have all openings plugged or covered, and shall have adequate accesibility. Circuit breakers and fuses are to be appropriately labeled, indicating devices and locations being powered. In general, wiring in the electrical system should not be visible; it should be covered and protected from damage.


• In general, your facility should be neat and clean with clear exit paths from all parts of your business. Remove potential hazards to customers or employees that may need to exit your business during an emergency. 



Pre-Inspection Checklist
Marysville Fire Marshal’s Office Pre – Inspection Fire Prevention Checklist. Please review prior to your inspection to help prepare you for an easy, successful, and beneficial fire and life safet
Adobe Acrobat document [172.6 KB]
Marysville Fire Access Road Requirements
Marysville Fire Access Road Requirements
Marysville Fire Apparatus Access Roads 2[...]
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