Outdoor Burning

Different types of burn bans:


Fire Safety burn bans may be issued for safety during hot and/or dry conditions. The Marysville Fire District follows fire safety bans issued by the Snohomish County Fire Marshal. If a burn ban is issued in Snohomish County, that ban is effective within the City of Marysville and the entire Marysville Fire District service area.


Air Quality burn bans are issued by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to protect air quality. These bans are usually enacted during cooler months when the air is stagnant but can also be issued due to smoky conditions during warmer seasons. Find more information on what types of burning are limited during an air quality burn ban here.


DNR burn bans are issued by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to reduce human-caused wildfires during extremely hot and dry conditions. When a burn restriction is in place, outdoor fires are prohibited on all state, county, city and private land under DNR fire protection.


You can find updated information on all Snohomish County burn bans here.



General Outdoor Burning Rules

Check this map to see if you are located within the Urban Growth Area (UGA).


Review a summary of the Marysville Fire District's burning guidelines here.

  • Recreational fires are ok in accordance with these guidelines and if less than 3 feet by 2 feet, at least 25 feet from a structure, with an attendee at all times and near a garden hose and shovel.
  • Can only burn charcoal, dried firewood or manufactured fire logs 
  • Barbecues ok
  • Yard debris burning, land clearing burning and garbage burning prohibited
  • Yard Debris burning is ok in accordance with these guidelines. A copy of guidelines must be posted onsite.
  • Recreational fires and barbecues ok
  • Land clearing burning and garbage burning prohibited



  • Regulated by the Tulalip Tribes
  • All outdoor burning questions including requests for burning permits and enforcement can be directed to the Tulalip Bay Fire Department at 360-651-4014. 





Current Burn Ban Status


Air Quality Burn Ban Status


Call Before You Burn

Snohomish County

Burn Ban Info: 425-388-3508






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