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Marysville Fire District is a Regional Fire Authority (RFA) created by voters in April 2019. We are governed by a Board of Directors that includes five voting members: four members appointed from the Marysville City Council and one Snohomish County Fire District 12 Commissioner. An additional non-voting board member is appointed from the Fire District 12 Commissioners. 


The Board of Directors meets every month to set policy, adopt rules, and conduct the business of the Marysville Fire District. These meetings are open to the public.



Regular Meetings:



1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month

7:00 PM


(Unless otherwise posted)

Marysville City Hall 

Council Chambers

1049 State Ave.

Marysville, WA  98270



View Board of Directors meeting minutes and agendas here



2019 Board of Directors:

  • Michael Stevens (Board Chair, Marysville City Council)
  • Richard Ross (Vice Chair, Fire District 12)
  • Kamille Norton (Marysville City Council)
  • Steve Muller (Marysville City Council)
  • Tom King (Marysville City Council) 
  • Tonya Christoffersen (non-voting member, Fire District 12)



Marysville Fire District's Board of Directors: Front Row L-R Tonya Christoffersen, Kamille Norton, Back Row Richard Ross, Michael Stevens, Tom King, Steve Muller

For more information on the Board of Directors or public meetings, call us at 360-363-8500.




Marysville Fire District
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