All fireworks are illegal within Marysville city limits. The fine for discharging consumer fireworks in the city will increase this year to $513, as previously announced.




What is included in the city's fireworks law?

If you have, sell, trade or discharge fireworks in Marysville, you are breaking the law. All types of fireworks are illegal within city limits, including sparklers and all other consumer fireworks sold to the public as well as display and dangerous fireworks.


What are the penalties for using fireworks?

Violators will be fined (be aware the fine doubles again in 2019). Fireworks will also be confiscated and, depending on the violation, you could face jail time. Marysville Police are increasing patrols around the July 4th holiday. See the chart below for more information on penalties.

What is considered a firework?

Sparklers, ground spinners, roman candles, mine and shell devices, cone fountains, illuminating torches are just a few of the devices considered fireworks under Washington State law. You can view the full list of fireworks here.


Why are fireworks now illegal?

Marysville citizens showed support for a ban in a November 2015 advisory measure, with 59 percent of voters in favor of making fireworks illegal. The Marysville City Council later passed an ordinance banning fireworks within city limits beginning January 2017. You can read the full city fireworks code here.

**Table for illustrative purposes only. Penalties are set by state law and subject to change.





Report Illegal Fireworks



Please do not call 911 unless there is an immediate threat to life or property.



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