Permits and Plan Review

All building permits must be obtained through the City of Marysville.

No commercial construction permit or residential installation permit submittals are accepted at the Marysville Fire District - Fire Marshal's Office.


For specific questions related to Fire Code, contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (360) 363-8525.


Please note that as of January 1, 2024, the Marysville Fire District no longer provides primary services to Tulalip Tribes - Quil Ceda Village. You will need to contact Snohomish County District #15 (Tulalip Bay), Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal Ryan White at 360-659-2416 for fire code, plan review, and other prevention needs for this area. 


City of Marysville's Community Development Office

501 Delta Ave

Marysville, WA 98270

Phone: 360-363-8100

Fax: 360-651-5099

Tulalip Tribes Planning Department

6406 Marine Dr

Tulalip, WA 98271

Phone: 360-716-4214

Fax: 360-716-0187

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Learn how we can work together to make our community safer through cost-effective upgrades.


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Fire Plan Review



Marysville Fire District's Fire Marshals Office conducts all Fire Plan Reviews within the City of Marysville and Quil Ceda Village. A Fire Plan Review is the process of reviewing new construction plans to ensure they meet fire and life safety standards determined by the NFPA, Washington State, the City and Tulalip Tribes. This review helps determine whether or not a building’s planned protective systems are adequate for the hazard anticipated at its occupancy. It's a preventative service that is unique to each building and helps keep our community safe before the doors ever open.


Construction documents submitted to the City of Marysville or Tulalip Tribes are professionally reviewed by our staff, who are trained to look for code compliance and adherance to all safety standards. All plans must be submitted to the City of Marysville or Tulalip Tribes for permitting prior to plan review.

Fire Safety Inspections



Marysville Fire District conducts inspections prior to a business opening and on a yearly basis after that. Follow this link for more information on our business inspection program. Contact our fire inspectors by emailing or calling 360-363-8525.


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Fire Marshal's Office

Phone: 360-363-8525

Fax: 360-659-1382

1635 Grove Street

Marysville, WA 98270




Marysville Fire District
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(360) 363-8500 



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