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How You Can Prevent Fires


Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and fire injuries. The #1 thing you can do to prevent cooking fires is stay in the kitchen while cooking.


Learn what to do if you have a small kitchen fire


Recipe for fire-safe cooking


See why turkey fryers can be so dangerous



Heat Your Home Safely


Heating is the second leading cause of home fires. Have your fireplace or chimney inspected before using it this season. Resident buildup, venting problems (gas fireplaces) or defects can cause fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.


Also test your carbon monoxide alarms and be sure they have fresh batteries. And keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet from any heat source.


Learn more about how heaters can cause fires.

Join Our Team

If you are a dedicated team player who loves helping your community, problem-solving and thrives under pressure, the Marysville Fire District may be looking for you.


We're hiring Part-Time Firefighters who have EMT and Firefighter I certification, or are in the process of completing Firefighter I certification.


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District News

New device will help firefighters save lives

The likelihood of surviving cardiac arrest will soon increase within the Marysville Fire District with the addition of two LUCAS devices.

Marysville mother's emotional reunion

A Marysville mother reunited with the first responders who helped save her son’s life in an emotional award presentation.

Woman burned in cooking-related fire

Marysville firefighters treated a woman burned in a cooking-related fire. It's the district's second recent cooking fire.

Marysville Fire receives Stewardship Award

The Stewardship Award is given for dedication to the audit process, which helps make government transparent and work better for the public.

How to Report Emergencies

• If there is an immediate threat to life or property, call 911.

• For non-emergencies in Snohomish County or if you are unable to reach 911 for any reason, dial (425) 407-3999.


Examples of non-emergencies include:

-Illegal fireworks complaint

-Crime that occured earlier and there is no suspect information

-Found pet or property item

-Situation where emergency personnel are needed, but there is no immediate danger to life or property



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