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Marysville Fire District is required by law to comply with the purchasing requirements defined in RCW Title 52. Generally speaking, items under $2,500 can be made with a simple, straight forward purchase, while more expensive products require either an informal or formal competitive bidding process. Items requiring the formal bidding process must be advertised in accordance with the statute. As a rule, Marysville Fire District utilizes the "Herald" of Snohomish County for formal bidding announcements.



Marysville Fire District will occasionally offer to the general public, surplus items no longer deemed necessary or useful to the District: from computers to vehicles, from "good" to "very used" condition. However, such items are sold on an "as is" basis, and without warranty of usability for any particular action, function or use. Notification of such items is advertised in various formats and media (newspaper advertisements, Craigslist, Ebay, etc.) and can be offered at a fixed price or through a sealed bidding process.



Follow this link to the Public Surplus website for current auctions of Marysville Fire District surplus items:,wa/browse/home


Exhaust System Bis Specs
Exhaust system bid specs.pdf
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Nozzle Bid
Due August 14, 2019
nozzle bid.pdf
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Surplus Unit #24
Surplus Announcement Unit 24.pdf
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Surplus Unit #25
Surplus Announcement Unit 25.pdf
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Surplus Unit #26
Surplus Announcement Unit 26.pdf
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