Adding Home Fire Sprinklers

• The best time to get sprinklers is when you are building, but all homes can be retrofitted.


• Some homes may present challenges such as the water supply, the age of the home and how it was built.


• If you are planning a large renovation, talk to your builder or architect about adding sprinklers.


• Otherwise, talk directly to a sprinkler contractor who has experience with home fire sprinklers.


• Fire sprinklers are not a do-it-yourself project. They have to be carefully designed and installed.


• All home fire sprinklers follow the NFPA 13D standard. Your contractor will know what that means.


• While all homes can be retrofitted, some are easier than others.


• A good contractor can be creative about placing pipes in closets or using flexible tubing to minimize the number of walls that need to be opened.




Click here for more information on retrofitting your home with fire sprinklers.


Click here to learn more about living with fire sprinklers in your home.





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