Have and Practice Your Home Fire Drill

No one likes to think a fire emergency could happen in our home.


You might have an idea in your head how you will respond if it does. 


Do your children know what to do at home if the smoke alarm sounds? 


Children know what to do at school. They practice their drills on a regular basis, but most of us haven't practiced our Home Fire Drill.


Did you know that most fatal fires happen in homes between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am? As parents, we like to think we will be able to get our family out of the house in the event of a fire incident, but time is not on our side.


Fire doubles in size every minute.


A fire in our house is very different than what is portrayed in the media - the smoke is dark, hot and toxic.


Will your child wake up to the smoke alarm?


Many children up to about 10 years of age, don't hear the smoke alarm like adults do, and if they do wake to it, they are usually scared and hide.


Your firefighters depend on you as a family to be out of the house and safe before we get there.


We suggest you practice your Home Fire Drill monthly (when you check your smoke alarm). Don't forget to practice it at night too - you want to know the night of a fire drill whether or not your children will respond appropriately, not the night of an incident. 





Download your Home Fire Drill grid and practice today!
Home Fire Escape Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [252.0 KB]




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