Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my smoke alarm last and when should I replace it?

  • The batteries in your smoke alarm should be replaced every year unless your smoke alarm uses a 10-year lithium battery. Regardless of the type of battery, smoke alarms should be tested every month and the entire unit should be replaced after 10 years.

Where do I get my Fire Extinguishers serviced and how often?

  • Fire extinguishers should be recertified every year and serviced every 6 years by a qualified professional. The Marysville Fire District is unable to service home or business fire extinguishers.

How do I report a non-emergency?

  • For non-emergencies in Snohomish County, call 425-407-3999. Examples of non-emergencies include: illegal fireworks complaints, nuisance burning complaints, a situation where there is no immediate threat to life or property, or a found pet.

Where can I get information about my ambulance bill?

  • For ambulance billing questions, call Systems Design West at 1-800-238-9398.

How do I request public records or medical records?

  • You can fill out a records request form here.

Are fireworks legal in Marysville?

  • As of January 2017, fireworks are illegal within the city of Marysville. Any person caught possessing or using fireworks will face a minimum $103 fine. A permit is required for any public fireworks display. For more information on the city’s fireworks ban click here.

Can I get a permit to burn trash in my yard?

  • Burning garbage is never ok anywhere within the Marysville Fire District service area. Burning yard debris is not allowed within the urban growth area. Go here for more information on outdoor burning rules.

Who do I call to report a car parked in a fire lane?

  • If a car is parked in a fire lane that is clearly marked, you may contact the Marysville Police Department or call Snohomish County 911's non-emergency line 425-407-3999. For specific information about fire lane markings and designations, contact the Marysville Fire District Fire Marshal's Office at 360-363-8500.

Where do I dispose of hazardous waste materials?

I want to have a fire in my back yard. How large can it be?

  • Visit the Outdoor Burning section of our website to determine if you can have an outdoor fire and how large it can be.

If I will be making tenant improvements (building additions, adding a fire sprinkler or alarm system) where do I call for assistance?

  • Contact the City of Marysville Community Development Department at 360-363-8100.

Where do I get fire flow information?

  • Contact the City of Marysville Public Works Division at 360-363-8100.

What is fire systems confidence testing?

  • All fire protection systems in the City of Marysville are required to have Confidence Tests performed at regular intervals as indicated on the confidence testing schedule listed on your fire protection system. Confidence testing is separate from the regular building inspections conducted by fire department personnel. It is designed to ensure that fire protection systems installed in buildings are properly maintained and will work in the event of a fire.

Do I need a Special Events Permit?

  • Special events must have permits and established conditions to ensure public safety at large public gatherings including fairs, concerts, sporting events, trade shows and festivals. Permits may be obtained through the City of Marysville Community Development at 360-363-8100.

Who do I call for code compliance?

  • Contact the Fire Marshal for any fire code compliance questions at 360-363-8500.

Who do I notify about a fire hydrant covered with weeds or brush?

  • Contact the Marysville Fire District Fire Marshal's Office at 360-363-8500. Find more information about fire hydrants here.

What is the insurance rating of the fire district?

  • The Marysville Fire District has a Fire Protection Class Rating of 3 within the City of Marysville and 4 in Fire District 12.

How do I get approved to open a daycare in my home?

  • For specific information, contact the Fire Prevention Division at 360-363-8500.

How can I get my swimming pool filled?

  • We suggest contacting your water or utility provider.

Who can help me rescue my cat from a tree?

  • If a cat does find itself stranded in a tree for a long period of time, a cat rescue or tree service company can usually help.




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