Special Teams

Marysville Fire District operates three special operations teams including Hazmat, Technical Rescue and Rescue Swimmers to ensure effective response to all types of hazards and emergencies in our community, 24 hours each day.



Rescue Swimmer


Our Rapid Entry Rescue Swimmer team is trained and qualified to conduct surface or subsurface search and rescue in waters not moving at more than 1 knot (1.15 mph). This program is both mentally and physically challenging, with rescue swimmers training to perform free dives down to 40 feet.



"This program puts us in a better position to save more lives."


Martin McFalls, Fire Chief


Technical Rescue


Technical Rescue Technicians are trained in rope, confined space and trench rescues as well as urban search and rescue. Technical rescues are often complex, requiring specially trained personnel and equipment to respond to these low frequency, high risk incidents. Our team members assist with emergency rescues throughout Snohomish County.





Hazardous Materials


Our Hazardous Materials Response Team is trained to deal with hazardous materials incidents that fall beyond the capabilities of a normal response. Marysville Fire District's HazMat unit carries protective suits, a chemical ID kit, decon equipment, air monitoring supplies, radiological monitoring equimping and other tools used to keep our community safe during incidents involving hazardous vapor or liquids.





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