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SMART911 - Are You Ready for Emergencies


If you live, work or travel in Snohomish County you can now create a free online Safety Profile which provides vital information to emergency responders when you call 911.  Smart911 is a free service that allows residents to provide critical information such as emergency contacts, children’s photos or medical information, on a secure website. This information is only accessible by emergency responders when you call 9-1-1.

Create your free Safety Profile today at: www.smart911.com



The Medic One Foundation covers the costs for the initial training of our Paramedics.  The Foundation funds paramedic training for all Medic One providers in King County, as well as many communities throughout our region, including Marysville Fire District.



How to Report a Non-Emergency

In Snohomish County


    1) If there is an immediate threat to life or property, contact 911

    2) For non-emergency in Snohomish County, dial 425-407-3999


Examples of non-emergencies include:

  • Illegal fireworks complaint
  • A crime that occured earlier and there is no suspect information
  • A found pet or property item
  • A situation where emergency services personnel are needed, but there is no immediate danger to life or property


What to do with your old flag...

Time to retire your old US Flag? 


The American Legion Post 178 in Marysville would be proud to properly dispose of your old and tattered United States of America flag.  Your flag can be dropped off into a converted US Mail Box in their front entry area, 24 hours a day.  The flag mail box is located at 119 Cedar St. (south of 2nd and Cedar, behind the Marysville Mall.)  They would appeciate a note indicating the history of the flag if you desire, but its not required.

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