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It's Still Winter...

The days may now be getting longer, but the nights still can bring the cold. As winter loosens its grip on the days and months ahead, the chance for winter weather looms and threatens without malice nor warning. As such, vigilance of preparedness for snow, ice, winds and heavy rains, must still be maintained.


Check your; tire chains for usability and condition, windshield wipers for streak-less wipes, defrosters for functionality. Make sure your headlights are on and working whenever your vehicle is moving,tailights and signal lights function, and brakes and tires are in good condition.


Check that you have adequate supplies for sustained power outages at home, that your alternate heat sources are safe, in working order, and if necessary properly ventilated. It doesn't hurt to keep a few minor supplies in your vehicle as well, in the event you become stranded from home; blanket, protein bars, water bottles, 12 volt charger for your cell phone, warning devices, flashlight, etc.


With any luck you will not need any of these items, however, should you need them, it's amazing how much better things go, and how many more options present themselves, if you do have them.

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What to do with your old flag...

Time to retire your old US Flag? 


The American Legion Post 178 in Marysville would be proud to properly dispose of your old and tattered United States of America flag.  Your flag can be dropped off into a converted US Mail Box in their front entry area, 24 hours a day.  The flag mail box is located at 119 Cedar St. (south of 2nd and Cedar, behind the Marysville Mall.)  They would appeciate a note indicating the history of the flag if you desire, but its not required.